Sound experiments

Architecture design and urban planning are dominated by the visual but to understand architecture in a deeper sense, in terms of quality and volume, the relationship between sound, design and human experience must be studied. Every space has its own unique soundscape that created by a combination of construction materials and the way that dwellers use the space. Hence, these will be shown through a series recording experiements.

I am sitting in a room

This is an experiement derived from Alvin Lucier's I am sitting in a room. It's about recording human voice and playing it back into the room again and again and at the same time, over-recording that sounds onto the original sound in order to get the natural frequency of the space.


Marching through School

Sounds recorded within University Campus are arranged in a composition that describe a marching atmosphere in a building

Virtual Hause (Headphones needed)

An experiment with lots of different sounds recorded at several places in Brighton City. It creates a sort of 3D sounds so close your eye or listen in a blacked out room, only let your brain does the work of navigating where you are in the space!

Kitchen sounds (Headphones needed)

A binarual recording experiment records the process of cooking, travel from one room to another. This technique gives a 3D soundscape to the listeners similar to 3D film. It works best with headphones!

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Brighton, United Kingdom